Who is Digibrixx intended for ?


9 September 2021




Digibrixx is the new solution to invest in real estate programs in Luxembourg.

We designed it for you, no matter what kind of investor you are ! 

Digibrixx is the new metric to investing for :

Residents and border dwellers

You wish to invest in Luxembourg and benefit from the dynamism of its real estate market without impacting your borrowing capacity for the purchase of a personal home. 


Self-employed people

You wish to invest in real estate but you are confronted to the requirements of the banks regarding loans and mortgages.


Just you and me

You want to diversify your asset portfolio while maintaining flexibility and room to maneuver.


Whatever your profile and your objectives in terms of investment, we give you access to real estate development in the Grand Duchy.

Digibrixx, digital bricks backed by real estate assets !

If you have any questions about Digibrixx and its real estate programs, please read our FAQ and feel free to contact us.










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