Where to invest in 2021: A closer look at the city of Bertrange


23 November 2021





Digibrixx is commited to choosing its real estate programmes with passion and expertise!

The location of the property is one of our key criteria (read our full article here).


Spotlight on the city of Bertrange, the chosen city for our real estate project


The Brahms development programme is located in Bertrange, a city that ranks among the best in terms of real estate investment.

  • A vibrant city with a great location:

This dynamic city, in the center of Luxembourg, the most sought after region of the Grand Duchy, in 2021, is in continuous evolution and has many assets.

Perfectly located in the outskirts of the capital, this town is close to an employment area (Bourmicht business park and its many national and international companies) is enhanced by a railway station, efficient public transport, a freeway and several national roads.

Your daily needs will be satisfied by the two commercial centers (Belle étoile and City Concorde).

  • An eco-friendly city:

The city also takes care of its ecological footprint by joining the Climate Pact program and has a protected area on its territory: the integral forest reserve “Ënneschte Bësch”.

  • And also… a highly demanded city:

These assets make Bertrange a very popular city with a very high valuation. It will cost you an average of 10.913 euros per m2 (source: athome). 

 The key to investing ? Digibrixx:

Digibrixx democratizes real estate investment in Luxembourg.

We want to open up real estate to everyone in the Grand Duchy, with an investment starting from one square meter.

Digibrixx allows you to access this often unreachable market from a few thousand euros.

If you have any questions about our real estate programs, please read our FAQ and feel free to contact us.


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