Typical investment VS Digibrixx investment


4 November 2021




Investing in real estate requiers several steps and the investor’s path is complex, time consuming and often inaccessible in terms of banking requirements.

Digibrixx, by democratizing real estate investment (full article here) allows you to access the Luxembourg real estate market from a few thousand euros.


What is the path of a classic investor in the case of a rental purchase, for example ?

  • Identify the property.


  • Convince the bank/ loan request .


  • Notary/ administrative formalities.


  • Potential improvement/ renovation work.


  • Find a tenant.


  • Management of the property.


  • Sell the property after x years.


 How do we differ from a typical investment?  


 What is the path of a Digibrixx investor?

The different steps of the investor:

  • The programs are selected by Digibrixx for their financial performance. You can choose among the existing programs available on our website. Each issue is linked to an identified building and its dedicated real estate development program.


  • The investor doesn’t have to take out a loan or mortgage that would have an impact on the personal debt to income ratio.


  • Digibrixx handles notary, legal and other administrative tasks.


  • Once the building construction is completed, Digibrixx oversees the management aspects of the real estate asset till its sale. The investor is free of any property management obligations.

  • R.O.I: The maximum investment period until the contract expires is 12.5 years. The return on investment is cashed out at the end of the program or when an investor sells his Digibrixx tokens to another investor. Digibrixx tokens can be sold during the investment period to other people. In the (near) future, Digibrixx tokens will be tradable, turning real estate investments into liquid assets.


What are the advantages of investing in Digibrixx ?

Removal of barriers to investment:

The Digibrixx tokens are a direct access to participate in Luxembourg real estate development programs from a few thousand euros. Until now, this specific market was limited by high barriers to entry for any future owner or investor. Digibrixx has considerably lowered these barriers.

Each Digibrixx program is accessible from one square meter of investment. The value of a square meter is defined by the total acquisition value divided by the total surface area before bank co-financing. This means that the investor can enter the real estate market at one third of its value.

Limitation of financial risks:

The investors’ risks are limited to the amount invested and no additional funding from them will be required for the management of the building.   


With Digibrixx, the democratization of real estate investment is underway.


If you have any questions about our real estate programs, please read our FAQ and feel free to contact us. 


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