The Digibrixx family: who are the founders ?


23 September 2021




The Digibrixx brand, developed by Property Token, was created at the initiative of several real estate, finance and blockchain technology experts. The wish to modernize real estate investment and to make it accessible to everyone was the driving force behind this creation.

All Digibrixx partners are proven experts in their fields in the Grand Duchy and all our projects are located in Luxembourg.


Today, we meet Wesley Deglise, Manager of INNO Simplified LLC, a company specialized in technological innovation. This skilled and experienced entrepreneur is focused on the product design and innovation process. 

For him, Digibrixx is affordable, easy and comforting.

Why invest in Digibrixx ? 

It’s a good way to protect part of your capital from inflation without being exposed to the volatility of the stock market or crypto currencies, by relying on the robustness of the Luxembourg property market.

For Wesley, Digibrixx democratizes real estate investment. In many cases, rental investment is one of the priorities when becoming a homeowner. Very often, the loan for the property acquisition prevents from bringing sufficient guarantees to the bank for a second loan.

With Digibrixx, it’s easy, no credit application, you can buy a few square meters of a well identified project.


 If you have any questions about Digibrixx and its real estate programs, please read our FAQ and feel free to contact us.







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