The Digibrixx family: who are the founders ?


16 September 2021



The Digibrixx brand, developed by Property Token, was created at the initiative of several real estate, finance and blockchain technology experts. The wish to modernize real estate investment and to make it accessible to everyone was the driving force behind this creation.

All Digibrixx partners are proven experts in their fields in the Grand Duchy and all our projects are located in Luxembourg.


Today, we meet Frédéric Reichling, co-founder of Espace Invest, Espace Immo and Espace Tech.

This real estate and new technology enthusiast explains the benefits of Digibrixx and the motives behind his trust in such an investment:

 Digibrixx allows to open and democratize real estate in Luxembourg on a large scale. The specificity is that the developer takes part in the operation what guarantees the investor a meticulous follow-up and the legitimacy of the investment.

 Why to rely on Digibrixx ?

Digibrixx makes real estate investment accessible to all and enables people to invest alongside professionals in full transparency . 


If you have any questions about Digibrixx and its real estate programs, please read our FAQ and feel free to contact us. 








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