Real estate and blockchain


20 September 2021



A simple fact about real estate

Today, real estate offers good performances and a high rate of real estate transactions, but it remains complex in terms of cost and restricting by being an asset that’s not very liquid and not easily accessible to everyone. It’s often blocked over several years, neither divisible nor fractionalizable and it evolves in an opaque and closed market.


The Digibrixx innovation

Blockchain technology enters real estate investment market with Digibrixx. Real estate tokenization was born from a desire to simplify and democratize investment and make it accessible to all.

With a low entry ticket, Digibrixx, the new investment unit, allows individuals to invest in large-scale real estate projects in Luxembourg and take advantage of its dynamic market.


 How does it work ?

Digibrixx allows you to split a property into digital bricks (tokens), backed by concrete stones. You can buy these tokens for as little as a few thousand euros. Each of our programs is accessible from one square meter of investment.


Digibrixx is dedicated to making real estate investment transparent and accessible to everyone.


 If you have any questions about Digibrixx and its real estate programs, please read our FAQ and feel free to contact us. 







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