How Digibrixx real estate programs are selected ?


20 October 2021



Digibrixx real estate programs are selected for their performance and positive impact on the local community.

Which criteria do we apply for selection ? 

  • A key location in terms of mobility: quick access to the city center, accessible by public transport, by car, close to major roads and with easy parking.


  • A full range of amenities: including daycare centers, several specialized stores, a shopping center and restaurants in the immediate vicinity of the building. 


  • Compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): the projects selected by Digibrixx meet class AAA, corresponding to optimized energy efficiency, thermal insulation and environmental impact (read our full articles on SDGs #9, #12, #16 et #17).


  • The destination of the building: our projects are hybrid buildings. By combining retail, office and residential units, they also save space.


  • Expected financial performance: with Digibrixx, we have greatly lowered the barriers to investment. We want you to benefit from our collaboration and get the best return on a investment from a few thousand euros.


Digibrixx offers access to real estate development in Luxembourg to all type of investors.

As opposed to a classic real estate fund, you will be able to choose to invest in any of the existing and future programs available on our website.


With Digibrixx, each program is built in accordance with the best practices.


If you have any questions about Digibrixx and its real estate programs, please read our FAQ and feel free to contact us.





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