DIGIBRIXX the new metric to invest in real estate programmes

Our goal is to make real estate investment easy, transparent and accessible to everyone.
Digibrixx gives access to real estate development market to all investors in Luxembourg.

About Digibrixx

Digibrixx is an investment token which helps you participate in real estate development programmes and economy in Luxembourg.

The Digibrixx is the new investment metric

A Digibrixx token represents 500€ at each project issuance

Each investment is defined per square meter

Each square meter is expressed in a definite volume of Digibrixx

Each project is managed by real estate professionals

Interests are carried over the life time of the project tokens

Costs and fees are incurred at the project level

Digibrixx tokens holders benefits from capital gains at the sale of the asset

Our Programmes

Selected for their performance, with passion and expertise, Digibrixx programs must have a positive impact on their community, in line with sustainable development goals and built in accordance with the best practices.


Located a few minutes away from the city center of Luxembourg City, from the freeway access, from shopping centers, this building has an outstanding location. Numerous amenities such as a bus stop, the City Concorde shopping center, nurseries are located nearby.

Location : Bertrange
Delivery : 03/2023
SQM Price : 3.000€*
*before bank co-financing

Our Team

Our team is made up of real estate, digital finance and tokenisation professionals to provide access to the best investments in Digibrixx.

Guillaume De Vergnies
Guillaume De Vergnies

Director of Property Token

Digibrixx is the innovative solution to access the premium Luxembourg real estate market.

Frédéric Reichling
Frédéric Reichling

Co-Founder / Realtor

Digibrixx makes real estate investment accessible to everyone and offers the possibility to invest along with professionals in full transparency. 

Laurent Olmedo
Laurent Olmedo

Co-Founder / Realtor

Digibrixx is the innovative solution to access the premium Luxembourg real estate market.

Cyril Lamorlette
Cyril Lamorlette

Co-Founder / Regulation/Compliance

Digibrixx is a game changer in terms of real estate investment.

Wesley Deglise
Wesley Deglise

Co-Founder / Blockchain

With Digibrixx, it’s easy, no credit application, you can buy a few square meters of a well identified project.

Our Partners

Our FAQs

What is the minimum amount to start investing in a Digibrixx programme?

Each Digibrixx programme is accessible from a one-square-meter investment. The value of a square meter is defined by the total acquisition value divided by the total surface before bank co-financing.

What is the value of one Digibrixx?

The nominal value of a Digibrixx token is of 500 EUR at the issuance. Each programme is a specific token issuance with a recurring nominal value.

What are the differences with a “traditional” real estate investment?

The duties of the investor are limited to its subscription to a Digibrixx programme. The investor contributes to the financing of the programme, has access the financial performance of the asset and its capital gain but is not the effective owner.

Beforehand, Digibrixx selects a programme for its financial performance, takes care of the notarial, legal, and other administrative duties. Digibrixx also selects a local bank for the co-financing. 

Once the building construction is completed, Digibrixx supervises all the aspects related to the management of the real estate asset till its sale.

In due course, Digibrixx informs the investors on the progression of the programme.

The investors’ risks are limited to the invested amount and no additional financing will be necessary for the building management.



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